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Dualstream Water Control

For many years domestic plumbing practices in the United Kingdom have relied on cold storage tanks in the loft and a hot water cylinder.

Unvented hot water cylinders have been approved and installed since the late 1980s and have many benefits to the end user, specifiers, developers and installers.

  • True power shower performance without the pump
  • No tanks in the loft, no risk of water stagnation and Legionella
  • No risk of frost damage to pipework and tank filling noise
  • Simple plumbing design uses less pipework, saving time and money
  • Wholesome water to all cold taps
  • Mains pressure giving good shower flow and force, no shower pumps
  • Balance hot and cold water supply pressures giving wider choice of taps and mixers
  • Faster recovery rates compared to older cylinders
  • Will work at very low flow rates (5LPM)
  • Dualstream utilises Green Technology
  • Full design and technical support available via your chosen merchant
  • Two or more models can be installed in parallel for greater volume demand, applications such as health clubs, hotels, sports, and social clubs
  • Once installed, are supported by a 2 year guarantee on the accumulator and electrical controls and 10 year manufacturers guarantee on the cylinder tank

The Dualstream system has many applications and can be used for three of four storey town houses and flats with poor pressure and volume problems, exaggerated by the building height.

A normal solution would be to use break tanks and booster sets to ensure adequate volume and pressure, this can be expensive and of course chlorination is an ongoing expense, and pump noise and running costs have to be considered.

Examples of previous Dual Stream installs (click to enlarge images) :

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Dualstream Water Control



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