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Oil Boiler Installations

Rising fuel prices and changes in legislation from April 2007 means the oil-fired boiler market is changing and we all need to be prepared.

Oil Combi Boilers are designed for use with sealed primary systems to provide multi-point mains fed domestic hot water and full central heating. The appliances are pre-plumbed and pre-wired, and combine a robust, mild steel heat cell, stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, circulating pump, motorised valve and expansion vessel.

An instantaneous supply of hot water is available from the hot water heat exchanger. On demand hot water priority directs full boiler output to sustain draw-off temperatures and ensure rapid recovery after draw-off. The appliances have been designed for energy efficient operation, with accurate thermostatic system control. Simple to use controls for the kitchen models give a completely independent choice of hot water or central heating services.

Advantages of Combi Boilers

A combi (or combination boiler) is a compact and highly efficient unit giving all the heating and hot water you need, with significant savings on running and installation costs. Unlike a conventional heating and hot water system, a combi boiler system does not store domestic hot water. It heats water directly from the cold mains – as you use it. There’s no hot water cylinder, no tank in the loft (and so less risk of freezing and flooding), and none of the connecting pipe work. So you not only save space, but also reduce hot water costs – which can account for up to 60% of a typical domestic fuel bill.

A combi also supplies hot water at mains pressure, giving you exhilarating power showering without the need for a pump. And as, on average, a shower uses considerably less water than a typical bath, the savings on hot water costs and water consumption can be significant.

SAC Heating & Plumbing are accredited Worcester-Bosch Installers, and we provide the latest technology from Worcester-Bosch to help you save money, increase efficiency and help the environment.

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