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Water Softeners

Suffer from Hard Water? Want clean, and purified water from your taps? Installing a Water Softener will help!

There is no clearer benefit of soft water than that shown by a dishwasher with soft water. Shiny dishes and plates, clean clear glasses and cutlery you are proud of, all come from soft water.

If soft water is doing this to your dishwasher, just imagine what it is doing in the rest of your system, and do not forget, that with your dishwasher using soft water, you do not need to put anymore salt in it.

This also applies if you prefer to wash by hand. Gone are dry cracked hands you get with hard water.

Clean, bright clothes, gentle on your skin, every time with soft water.

Soft water gives you cleaner, brighter, fresher fabrics, simply because your washing powder can concentrate on washing your clothes, not fighting the effects of hard water every time.

Remember that with soft water flowing through your washing machine and de-scaling it, it will work better and last longer!

With soft water, you can cut your soap powder by nearly half, which proves that SOFT WATER SAVES YOU MONEY.

Soft Water Benefits

  • Saves time. With no scum marks or evaporation stains to
    clean away, housework is reduced.
  • Can save up to 50% of washing powder, soaps,
    shampoos and conditioners etc.
  • Will protect your and increase the life of your system by
    removing existing scale.
  • Saves money on hot water bills – with no scale to heat
    first. Just 1/16"of scale will cause a loss of efficiency
    of 12%.
  • Rinses away without staining.
  • Can help dry skin conditions including eczema
  • Makes laundry brighter and fresher.
  • Has a clean silky feeling, and makes bathing a luxury
    without the need for expensive bath oils etc.

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